Like Lovers – Former Selves

You might have probably read the name Jan Kerscher in case you’re an avid reader of our dear blog. As a short introduction, Jan Kerscher is a German aspiring producer based in Bavaria who’s well known for his recording skills. Luxembourgish bands like Inborn or Dirty Crows are the perfect proof for his unquestionable talent in motivating and pushing […]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Specter At The Feast

It’s a a hard task to review the newest album of your favourite rock formation. It is even harder when you’re about to first see them live in a couple of hours at den Atelier. To me, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are one of the most influential bands in the genre that I know and yet they manage to […]

Trash Monday LX

Hip hop is dead. No; seriously guys and gals, it really is. Germany was once highly valued for its writers and thinkers but was quickly invaded by brainless sumo-zombies from planet Hippolderaan, spreading dumpishness throughout the whole republic. So much for the YOLO-caust, I guess… (*hint* eloquence attack at 2:04 *hint* ) [youtube]

DillenDub – DillenDub

Here’s for something completely different. In case you’ve never heard of this band before, DillenDub (which is a clever pun for trompo in Luxembourgish) are a talented trio from Luxembourg consisting of Pol Belardi on bass and synthesizer, Jérôme Klein on the synths and Aloyse Weyler on the drums, who is also active in bands like TheCarps’ or The […]