Dreadnought – Demon

To most Luxembourgish metalheads that visit local shows the name Dreadnought will at least sound familiar since they’ve played quite a few shows in recent times. Now they’re finally here to invade your living room with their demo Demon which they released on June 16th! For those of you that don’t know: Dreadnought play melodic […]

Trash Monday XXIII

I’m a 90s kid, and in my early years I mostly watched German TV. I remember back in the mid-90s when VIVA had its big success there was this cute girl singing something about Satellites and stuff…of course I’m talking about Blümchen. A few months later she released the song Boomerang which, as an eight […]

Architects – Daybreaker

I’m pretty sure that everyone that is at least a bit into metalcore has heard of Architects before as they have managed to establish themselves in the scene quite well, at the latest in 2009 with their album Hollow Crown. In 2011 they released The Here And Now which was quite different from the aforementioned […]

Adestria – Chapters

This is my first review for El Gore and I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing; so bear with me here. The record I decided to write about is the debut album Chapters of the rather unknown metalcore band Adestria. At first you might think that Adestria is just your generic “more breakdowns please” metalcore […]