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Saint Vitus Concert Review

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US Doom legends Saint Vitus finally found Luxembourg on a map and took no prisoners. They were supported by Mos Generator, a very Sabbathy band that fit the bill perfectly and probably won over their fair share of new fans. Their setlist was short but full of energy and tons of Iommi-esque solos. Count me among the legion of new fans.

Saint Vitus took the stage as expected, simple, basic and down to earth. They started off with Blessed Night and played a solid set with few surprises, mostly due to the length of their songs as one can only fit this many 7 minute songs into a setlist. Patra was a song I did not expect to hear and it was one of the highlights. The handful of newer songs was another surprise. I enjoy the latest output but I never expected them to play half the album. They ended the 90 minutes show with the obligatory Dying Inside and Born Too Late, two songs fans expect to hear.

My only complaint would be the lack of songs off the first album. It is my favorite Saint Vitus album and not 1 song was played. I expected to, at least, hear (the song) Saint Vitus. Anyways, I was in doom metal heaven and the show easily made my top 3 concert experiences.

~this review was written by our freelancer Dave~

Rock de Stéier 2013 Concert Review

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Last Saturday was an occasion for celebration in Tuntange: the 10th anniversary of the famous Rock De Stéier. This local concert has its origins in 2003 and was an annual gathering of local bands until 2006 when it went on an indefinite hiatus. The Club des Jeunes Tuntange decided to call the idea back to life this year however and put on quite a show, so it was clear that we had to make an appearance and see how it turned out.

When we arrived, The Lost Ways were already playing. This trio from Germany plays a never boring and groovy kind of rock, and managed to get us interested from the get-go. Regretfully the room was still quite empty and their main audience were the Dirty Crows. This didn’t make their performance less energetic however and it ended up being a nice gig, which would have deserved a later slot.

Sadly, we arrived a bit too late and missed the first band Weakonstruction, but after talking to their vocalist for a bit it seems that it went quite well, despite the lack of a crowd.

The next band was supposed to be All The Way Down but they had to cancel and were replaced by the mighty Los Duenos Del Ska, guess which type of music they play. The seven guys seemed a bit tired from their gig the day before which led to a slower performance than usual, at least at first. As the room started to fill up this changed however and the band regained their pace to deliver the expected goodness. One highlight during their show was the guest appearance by a random stranger (or at least we didn’t recognize him), who growled in the mic and the band played a short metal interlude. If it was unplanned, we tip our hats to them.

Quentin Lagonza, the well-known Luxembourgish rock quartet, hit the stage and opened the rush hour in Tuntange that evening. At this point the room really started to fill up but, unfortunately, nobody seemed very enthusiastic and most people just stood around having a chat. The band’s melodic stoner rock with a heavy classic rock base definately deserved more. Psychedelic parts followed  by heavier riffs, completed with a pinch of Led Zep topped off this performance, during which a glass of beer was certainly obligatory. After this was a good opportunity to grab a bite to eat however, but a small critique: the rather tasty hamburgers could have been a bit bigger though.

The fifth band were Thoughts Of The 4, a punk ensemble from the south, starting off with the words “rock’n roll!”, and that’s just what they did. A very solid performance based on alternative, pop rock and pop punk. Unfortunately the crowd didn’t really care about what was going on on stage, and a kind of fear emerged that the good old Rock de Stéier spirit had been lost over the years. Sum41 would have been proud of the four youngsters, at least.

As the evening progressed the Dirty Crows took the stage and managed to heat up the audience in a heartbeat, killing our fear about the old spirit’s destiny. People were dancing and screaming in the front rows and definitely seemed enthusiastic towards the four desert rockers, who rewarded them with a great rock’n’roll performance. Some technical difficulties with a guitar couldn’t interrupt the atmosphere either, although a bit of improvisation would have been fitting. But shit happens. As the Kalashnikov Blues led to pure madness, the action in the concert room was go!

The final band of the night was no one else but Scarred. What can we say except: perfect. The crowd was headbanging left and right, the devil horns were raised, the band killed it as always and the songs hammered everything down. The guest vocals during the song Idiosyncrasy by local superhero Boerdi were the icing on the cake.

The last two artists were Twisted Frequencies and Theodor but we decided to call it a night at that point and made room for the lovers of electronic parties.

All in all,  the organizers managed to successfully revive the spirit of the bull and we’re looking forward to next year’s edition…please change your beer though.

Report by Yannick and Denis

Next week on El Gore

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It’s that time of the year again. And instead of providing you with new reviews we here at El Gore decided to post our personal Top 5 of the year 2012! So you will find a new post each weekday with each member’s personal Top 5, beginning with Dave tomorrow! Trash Monday will, of course, also happen tomorrow!

-El Gore team-

Wintersun – Time I

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It’s about time…or 10 steps to “overhype” a record. This could be the title for Wintersun‘s latest (sounds a little excessive if you take a closer look at their discography) record, if it was a book. But the fact that I don’t read books shows us…well nothing.

Back to the facts: I totally love Wintersuns self-titled masterpiece from Anno 2004. It was epic, majestic, a perfect fusion of Symphony and Destruction. If you are a faithful reader of the yearly calendar, created by our Lord Jesus Christ, you will have noticed that Wintersun (the record) is now 8 years old and maybe you ask yourself: what happened? Well dear reader, in 90% of the cases I would tell you now that there were lots of lineup changes or the singer got pregnant or died because of Babushkaphobia…but no: the lineup is still the same, men can’t get pregnant and everything is fine with dear little grand ma. The stumbling stone was technology: Jari Mäenpää’s personal computer was simply too weak to handle the sheer epicness of the arrangements, choirs, riffs and other stuff you need to create a Wintersun-thing.

So after gathering some money for a new PC by playing gigs (true story bro), a massive but tiresome hypestorm on Facebook, and…oh yeah: 8 years, Wintersun had raised my expectations in Time I on “over9000”…and fail. The record goes hand in hand with Diablo 3, Chinese Democracy and Duke Nukem Forever. Usually I would admit now, that it’s my proper mistake cause I had too high expectations in Time I, but it was Jari himself who put the bar onto a height he could never reach, by posting dozens of outtakes from reviews written by euphoric journalists, which had the luck to pre-listen the record before release date.

All right, to be fair, until now, this review is more like a speech against overdone self-advertising, so let’s try to write some objective criticism. First of all, the length of the tracks is the worst choice the band could make. There are just too few climaxes and highlights on Land of Snow and Sorrow and Time (the song) to justify a length of about 10 Minutes. None of those two songs really finds a way to entertain me over the whole time.

So what about the other 3 Songs? Yes, Sons of Winter and Stars kicks asses; it is interesting and ambitious songwriting at its best, but it also ensures that I don’t give a fart about the rest of the record. At last, When Time fades away and Darkness and Frost are two instrumental interludes which try to hide the sobering fact that Time I only has 3 real songs, and two of them are too weak in comparison with the amazing predecessor-record. Sorry Jari, but I didn’t wait 8 years to get only 35 minutes of metal…

Funny Fact 1: The production (arrangements, sound-mix…) is so complex, that most of the listener will never hear all the details, Jari invested to create this audible heavyweight.

Funny Fact 2: Yes I know there will be a Time II in early 2013…but why? It just makes no sense to me…Only time can tell.

This review was written by our freelancer Sven.

One year of El Gore and the winner of our big number two

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Yup, you read that correctly. 366 days ago we published our first review and since then we’ve published a total of 41 movie reviews and 53 music reviews. We’ve also reported from the Food For Your Senses festival and the 10th anniversary concert of the EMF. 2012 has also seen the addition of three new members that have helped make our goal of world domination come closer…we’re getting there.

We want to say THANK YOU to you, dear readers, and we promise that we’re far from being done!

As you might have noticed, we have changed our design…which is only half true: we departed from Tumblr and migrated to WordPress. And we hope to bring you an updated, custom design in the near future. So keep an eye out for that.

And last but not least, the winner of our anniversary contest is: Carole. Congratulations!

-El Gore team-

EMF 10th Anniversary Concert

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Last Saturday the El Gore team went on a little trip to the west of the country; to be more precise to Folschette where the E.M.F., short for Éisleker Metal Frënn, held a big concert for their ten year existence. The five of us arrived a bit before 4PM and were greeted with our backstage passes and some catering, i.e. beer. Over the course of the day we ran into many familiar faces, made some new acquaintances and generally-speaking had a blast. We decided to take a different approach for the live reviews this time and we’ll have reviews from two different people: Yannick and Dave. Enjoy!

The first band of the day was Dead Eyes Memorial who managed to attract a respectable amount of people despite the early stage time. Despite this only being their second show so far the stage presence of the singer and the drummer impressed me. Because they had the longest sound check before the show they actually had the best sound of the evening I would say, but more about that later. The genre they play is kind of hard to define for me since there’s various “traditional” hardcore elements, coupled with thrash metal elements, but in the end: does it matter? They ended up being an enjoyable opener and that’s what is important.

The second band were the Dirty Crows who were kind of the outsider of the day with their desert rock. Unfortunately a lot of the crowd was elsewhere but the few that remained did seem to enjoy the performance thoroughly, especially the bass got a lot of praise from the people I talked to, although the amp was forced to its knees a couple of times. Since I’ve seen them several times in the past I can say that they managed to pull off a good show, despite many sound difficulties, and to animate the crowd that was hiding at the back of the hall. Fun fact: this was actually the first show out of two that day for the guys.

The next band were Perish With Pride who delivered a nice little change of pace in the form of metalcore. Even though I was a bit underwhelmed by their stage presence at first, they warmed up after the first two songs and managed to deliver after all in that department. I, for one, enjoyed it a lot and they were the main reason for my hurting neck the day after. Definitely my surprise of the day.

Next up were Faraday’s Cage, a heavy metal formation with high-pitched vocals. Since I’m not a huge fan of that type of voice, I took care of a quick errand and missed half their set but what I saw was not really my thing. The keyboard however did add a nice touch to the whole thing.

The fifth band of the evening were Abstract Rapture, local metal matadors, and therefor awaited by many. The crowd went wild as they opened with their hit Dematerialized and continued with a handful of older songs from the first two records before breaking into the new material. Sadly, the show lost a lot of its usual power because the sound was very weak, especially the drums were far from their usual heaviness. The band threw in a tribute song to the E.M.F. which sounded a lot like a AC/DC‘s TNT, but don’t quote me on that.

The second to last act was Girlschool, an all-female rock band who’ve been around since the early eighties. Despite being in the business for more than three decades they still brought a lot of energy and charisma to the stage. A fact that was proven by the amount of people that found their way into the hall. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the genre I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it, despite the still persisting sound issues.

Last but not least were Gama Bomb, who interestingly enough celebrated their ten year anniversary as well. Their speed thrash metal was well received by a lot of people, especially the denim jacket club in the first row who headbanged and moshed around like no tomorrow. I always enjoy watching an old school moshpit without the ever-so-present violent dancing and I was not disappointed here. Even though the sound was slightly better it still didn’t do it justice and failed to capture me in the end. We ended up leaving just shortly before they finished their set since we were all pretty much exhausted.

To sum it up: the metalheads were given a great variety of bands but the sound was a huge downer in most cases, which was a pity. But I can say that it was a great way to celebrate an anniversary and I hope to be there when it’s the twentieth one instead of the tenth.


Dead Eyes Memorial: Absolutely not my genre but local band with tons of friends in the audience not letting the band down in terms of welcoming them onstage for their second gig (first ever nationally). The set was plagued by mistakes but the band did not let that bother them, nor did the crowd. Friends/fans surely loved it.

Dirty Crows: My winners of the night, again not really my genre, but the music they write/play does not need to hide behind more popular international acts and that alone deserves a lot of respect. Also having the guts to be the outsider band made them gain my respect. Probably the band with the best sound that night.

Perish With Pride: Sound better on CD than live. Sadly that could be said about every band that played that day as the sound was just horrible throughout the night. Not much to say about the band. Melodic Death Metal with some modern metalcore elements, pretty much everything I hate. Sorry guys.

Faraday’s Cage: Progressive Rock/Metal with eunuch vocals. While many seemed to go outside while the band was playing, it did not put me off. I enjoy the style, but the band wasn’t really memorable songwise. The riffs were basic and generic at best. The awful sound swallowed any attempt by the keyboard player to add his touch to the music. A band with potential for fans of the genre.

Abstract Rapture: The local heroes I suppose…but not my cup of tea. Too modern and groovy for me. Crowd were into it obviously. If you enjoy the genre you’ll love the band, I happen to hate the genre. I think that others have more to say about this gig than me.

Girlschool: Classic band, classic Hardrock sabotaged by the sound nazis. Lots of fans came from abroad to see them and the place seemed somewhat packed from here on. Short set but other than that nothng bad to say. The band obviously knows how to play a gig as they have been around for decades. Good fun!

Gama Bomb: Band delivered their set while handing out beer to fans in the front row. Nice blokes really. Generic speed/crossover thrash with a singer you have to love to enjoy the music. I don’t.


And that’s it, folks. The El Gore team really enjoyed their time with the E.M.F. and felt right at home from the first minute. Special mention for the superb organisation: there was no disturbance or fight whatsoever thanks to the security provided by the competent Crazy Crew, the beers were always served quickly and fresh, the food was delicious and reasonably priced and there was even a little metal market so fans could spend a bit of cash on goodies. Only two minor gripes: first of all, the location was rather remote, and in a more easily accessible place the thing could have had even more visitors. Secondly, even though it’s been mentioned many times already: a better sound could have made this evening even more memorable. Nevertheless it was a night to remember for which we want to thank the E.M.F. and we wish them all the best for the next ten years!

Reminder: don’t forget our competition where you can win a poster signed by ALL of the bands!

-El Gore team-

El Gore competition, the big number two

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Yesterday the El Gore team has spent the entire day at the 10th Anniversary of the EMF. Reviews and a video will of course follow soon, but meanwhile we want to give you, our readers, something back for your continued support.

Therefor we bothered all of the bands at the show for their autographs and got a huge poster signed. Of course you can now win this amazing thing and it’s very easy: simply write us an e-mail to elgore1 (at) and we’ll draw a winner on the the day of our one year anniversary, October 4th!

You are a fan of Dead Eyes Memorial, Dirty Crows, Perish With Pride, Faraday’s Cage, Abstract Rapture, Girlschool or Gama Bomb? Then what are you waiting for?! Write us!

-El Gore team-


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We have all had the same experience before: a movie that gets hyped up so much by your friends that it can only end up being a huge disappointment. Stories of people getting sick while watching the movie and other highly exaggerated stories that have tempted us to go and see movies time and time again only to leave you shrugging and thinking to yourself, it wasn’t that brutal.

This very same experience was one I had after watching Ex-Drummer only with one exception, the movie didn’t totally suck. It’s a weird roller coaster ride of laughing your ass off and shaking your head at the either totally absurd or disturbing images you’ve just witnessed.

Just think of the most disturbing and dirtiest jokes about sex, big cocks, gays, disabled people and rock music all wrapped into one weirdly entertaining movie with moments of cinematic brilliance that remind you of David Lynch’s work or movies like Fight Club. Though this movie isn’t all laughs, in fact everything goes horribly wrong for the protagonists in that movie.

This movie is about 3 disabled losers looking for a drummer to complete their band, which they think they’ve found in the famous author Dries, who also has one handicap: he can’t play drums.

Dries stands in total contrast to the other 3 main characters as he’s a highly intelligent, very successful book author living in his penthouse which makes him look like a god looking down on the scum of the earth. Dries does end up agreeing to form a band with the 3 lowlifes and they decide to call themselves “The Feminists”, as according to them 4 disabled musicians have as much right to exist as a bunch of feminist women.

They plan to enter a rock contest in Ostende and show of their songwriting skills, but encounter the lead singer of another contesting band “Dekke Lul”, which would be translated into “big cock”, who threatens to fight them for playing a song that has the same title as one that he wrote.

All along the story you see that Dries is slowly manipulating the others, playing with them until everything goes to shit.

I will not get much more into the details of the story or the characters as to not spoil the experience for you.

What made the movie entertaining for me was the brilliant use of rock and punk music and a few cinematic choices, like having the lead singer in his own house always seem to be walking on the ceiling, that give the movie a very cool but creepy atmosphere.

This is not a movie for the lighthearted as the themes depicted in this movie range from rape, to child molestation to dismemberment. If this isn’t a problem for you, then you should definitely check out this weird entertaining roller coaster ride of a movie.

This review was written by our freelancer Jeff.

FFYS Diary – Day 3

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Day 3, the last day, or how I call it: “day of the zombies”.

The site was only sparsely filled with people over the whole day, which wasn’t really surprising, considering the fact that the campsite had been open for the fourth day by then. The line-up was a bit “thin” for my taste, but we managed to pick some highlights for you.

In order to get a little bit more awake, there were at least three handfuls of people gathering in the tent to watch the habitual fresh performance by the Jacob Conspiracy. It was kind of a pity in my eyes that they couldn’t celebrate their cheerful rock’n’roll outside at one of the open-air stages. As I already wrote a few months ago: “Desire” is just that kind of a summer song that should be performed outside in the bloody sun! Anyway! The general fatigue at least was confidently blown away by the Jacob Conspiracy after “Wake Up” at the latest. Rating? Rock’n’roll!

So what’s the best way to keep oneself in line? Right, go watch the Belgian version of AC/DC! Romano Nervoso’s (who I mixed up with Inspector Cluzo for two weeks) riff rock and funk just sounds like coming right from the 70s, but it is way harder than compared to the hard rock legends just mentioned. Not to forget the vocalist, who sounds at least just as aggressive as Turbowolf’s frontman. Needless to say that there was no lack of a kick ass drummer. Unfortunately the Frenchmen also suffered from the 3rd-day-fate, so that only a few people found the way to this awesome show. “So what” thought the vocalist, and jumped in front of the stage to perform. “Nice view from here, isn’t it?” Uncompromising power, (finally something louder after a long acoustic set on the stages between Jacob Conspiracy and Inspector Cluzo) and a sound that was even a bit harder than during Porn Queen the day before, made the hard rockers’ hearts leap for joy!

Back to the tent. Fights and Fires. Holy damn, what a performance! Despite the bassist’s bad sitcom taste (yeah, wearing a “Friends” shirt during a hardcore concert, you gotta love these guys!) his playing was just cruelly brilliant! Forcing the speakers to their knees already during the first song, those crazy Englishmen just showed how to stimulate the crowd from the beginning to the end. You really could see the joy in their eyes, so why not letting the spectators playing the guitar or singing the refrain during one of the many crowd-jumps? Melodic and classic hardcore mixed with post-core elements; once again a good wake-up-blend urgently needed that day! And in case there are far too little people, let’s just play the end of the concert in the middle of the present crowd. Just brilliant!

At the end of the day (or at least of our day) there was a very interesting and entertaining concert by the Flying Orkestar. Modern orchestral music combined with hiphop and funk gave a good time to all the dancers. And for those who weren’t too tired yet, there still was DJ Dee, who rocked the main stage in accustomed manner.

We want to thank the organisers and the bands for giving us a great time. Hope to see you next year!

Your El Gore team.