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FFYS Diary – Day 2

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Saturday, including a tent metal report and Funky P.

Eric, Luc and I arrived in Tuntange around 3:15PM and after a couple of greetings here and there I made my way to the tent to check out the first band of the day for me: A Mute Appeal.

It was the first time I saw them live and since I had no prior knowledge of who they are and what they play I was surprised by the energy these youngsters brought to the stage. The crowd seemed to enjoy that energy and thus formed the first ninja pit of the day. The Luxembourgish deathcore quintet played their songs flawlessly but the thing that definitely stands out the most is the singer’s powerful voice who manages to deliver amazing growls and screeches. The only downside to me was the fact that the instrumental part was pretty repetitive, but considering that the band is only a year old I can forgive that. Plus, there was a novelty for me: a rowboat mosh-pit, for lack of a better name. I didn’t take a picture of it but I’ll try to explain it: imagine a dozen people sitting on the floor, one behind the other and they row in synch with the music. Needless to say I had a good laugh.

The next band was Abstract Rapture, who were announced last minute as one of the surprise acts. After seeing them the last time at their CD release a week ago I was glad that they chose quite a different setlist which was mostly comprised of songs from their debut EP Dead End Entry with 3 songs off their most recent endeavor Earthcrush. The sound was very crisp and that was just what made their flawless performance even better. The crowd was very enthusiastic and a lot of happy headbangers were feeling quite at ease by the looks of it. There is one thing I can say without a doubt: welcome back Dritt!

After a short break the next band took to the stage: Cosmogon. This Luxembourgish superband which consists of members of now defunct Ex Inferis and Abstract Rapture plays an interesting mix of metalcore and sludge which might sound weird at first but it works in the end. Just like their predecessors Cosmogon had a great sound and even though it was the second show in a row for drummer Spitt and bassist Steven this did not affect their performance which was as per usual killer, with Fab’s amazing voice being the cherry on the pie.

Then I had a quick change of scenery to the main stage where Funky P were playing and even though I only witnessed three songs I was amazed by their super charismatic singer. The Luxembourgish funk formation delivered a great performance and definitely managed to put me in a good mood.

Back to the “metal tent” where Hills Have Eyes had already started playing. I only checked out one of their songs a while ago and I didn’t really remember much of it so I was surprised by what my ears were given: finest metalcore. This Portuguese band brought an amount of energy to the stage that almost scared me and I was kind of sad to see that the crowd was nowhere nearly as enthusiastic, at first. However, about halfway through their set the crowd warmed up and the wooden floor of the tent didn’t stop wobbling. I’m surprised no one got seasick. The, in my opinion, best band of the day so far was rewarded with what I believe was the first circle pit of that day.

Up next was the perhaps most anticipated metal act of Saturday: Scarred. After devastating the tent exactly a year ago at Food For Your Senses everyone had high hopes for them and I think it’s pretty safe to say that these hopes were not crushed. Even though their guitarist Yogy played with Abstract Rapture earlier that day every riff came out as clean as always and the rest of the ensemble were just as fit. The sound was nearly perfect and Sach’s vocals laid nicely on top of the instrumental thunderstorm. The crowd was headbanging and moshing like no tomorrow and toward the end of the show they formed a rather epic wall of death which sadly ended up being somewhat of a failure.

By this point I was close to passing out from hay fever and the one or the other beer I had  up til now. However I had sworn to myself that I’d check out Arkaeon in order to determine if they just had a bad day the first time I saw them live. Turns out that must have been the case because what I saw and heard here was almost better than the songs on the album. Especially singer Rosh stepped up big time and laid down a killer performance. Sadly the concert had to be interrupted for medical reasons before they could play their new song. All in all, I’m looking forward to the next time I see them live and until then: get well buddy!


So let’s go get some fresh air and see what happened on the open air stages that day. As you can see the line-up on Saturday was by far stronger than on the other day. More to do for us, more for you to read.

I hadn’t seen Quentin Lagonza for years and it really felt a bit like the old times, although they have changed their style a bit since then. Some very nice riffs packed into a powerful 90s grunge suit gave a good start into the day. The “Rise-Against-like” vocals also fitted pretty well.

Dirty Crows celebrated their release at the 2nd stage and showed the audience how they have changed during the past months. And this does not only count for Marc Bonert, who seemed to have had some kind of symbiosis with Josh Homme. Their progress as a live band was obvious, although at a few points things became a bit longwinded (don’t pause too long, keep the flow!) and the sound was by far not brute enough for some real desert rock’n’roll. Nevertheless, there was no comparison to last year’s performance, the new songs just rock. Skill comes with practice, and this already sounded way more mature, also with help of the guest appearances like Château and Jan Kerscher from


What can I say about Porn Queen? Well, they just look like and sound like they are called: classic rock and even stadium rock was served at the main stage, mixed with appropriate cigarette lead vocals. For those who like to wear cut-off jeans and drive with your Harley to the festivals: this must be your band! One may has to wonder if this kind of music is still going to attract many lovers those days. Porn Queen don’t seem to care.

Inborn! delivered the Space Odyssey soundtrack of the day at stage 2. This typical sound they created themselves is also perfectly presented by now. It sometimes even grows bigger than the stage would allow. Although personally, I prefer them playing in a hall, this will perfectly work at bigger festivals. Despite experimental and electro parts they are never afraid to release their guitars. The melancholic basement of this future rock supplied an interesting contrast to the rest of day 2.

I am a total nitwit considering hip-hop, but what I could observe at the main stage was that De Läb once more celebrated one huge party. They are a FFYS constant, like it or not.

The Intersphere arranged the warm-up show for Mutiny on the Bounty, and by writing this, I’ve already done them an injustice. The guys from Germany are my personal surprise of this year’s FFYS because I had never heard of them before (shame on me!). First, they just managed to take every little drop of good sound out of this 2nd stage. I wonder how Dirty Crows would have sounded with those settings. Second, their mixture between hard post-core, clean vocals, an insane drummer and even a few head banger moments just rocked the audience out of their shoes. A very merciless and professional show – the fact that The Intersphere sometimes sound like Fall Out Boy is not a bad point. Unfortunately not enough people were there to witness their performance because the competition on the other stages was very strong. However, thumbs up boys!

A few weeks ago we had the luck of witnessing the Mutiny on the Bounty release show at the Atelier in Luxembourg City, and their FFYS performance was in no way inferior. Post-rock, post-core, apocalyptic mood, in one phrase: this should have been a huge main stage performance! The people at stage 2 however didn’t care and enjoyed Luxembourg’s finest post-core band at the moment. MOTB exactly control the point of their outbreaks, needless to say that on a technical level this is just grand. No idea how this drummer can handle all this, being the lead vocalist at the same time.

Long text, long day. Day 3 will be online tomorrow!


FFYS Diary – Day 1

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The Food For Your Senses festival must be in the rock’n’roll god’s good books because the weather forecast once again was fantastic! On an organisational level there were a few good changes compared to last year, especially considering the parking and entry area. The general mood on day 1 was that good that people even threw their wallet on the stage without taking the money out of it.

My first stage on this year’s plan was Mount Stealth, who entered the tent stage with their rhythmic and melodic math and post rock. A confident performance was given, including softer pop rhythms, harder post rock bursts an even a few electro parts. Although, for my personal taste, they sometimes seemed a bit too mellow, they never hesitated to give a loud eruption and mix it with a very danceable fundament. A bit more of a clear line still would be benefiting.

Sorry to the guys of Go Back To The Zoo, because I really didn’t have them on my list. Fortunately I was around when they celebrated their good mood rock’n’roll and created the first bigger party moments on the main stage right after sunset. Although their pop rock often reminded of a typical American Pie soundtrack, they always found a way not to sound too childish and delivered a very enjoyable and likeable performance.

Back to the tent things were getting serious. Dub Trio’s setlist turned out to be pretty freakishly, in a good way of course! At the beginning, they just rocked the stage with very solid instrumental metal, combining classic parts with modern ones. Even if the drummer could have been a member of The Fitness, the set was just evil like a hellhound. Those riffs were the first metal highlight at the tent stage, which like always left nothing to be desired during this weekend. As time went on, those guys became more and more crazy, moving a bit away from hard guitars and including reggae parts (what?!) and even electronic elements in the end (what?!!!), creating a pretty insane mixture: Reggae-electro-metal. You just got to love the moments you didn’t see coming in the beginning.

Kraftklub were eagerly awaited at the main stage later that evening. After the longest and most annoying sound check of the day, they hit the floor and supplied the first huge party moment for this year’s edition. Unfortunately they had to strive against the bad sound during the whole set. As a consequence, their live performance was way behind their LP appearance, which didn’t prevent them from being on top of things and of the crowd from the beginning to the end. Personally, I’m having an issue with German music for some years now, but Kraftklub, even if I’m pretty sure the hype will become embarrassing during the coming months,cast a spell over me with their cheeky and arrogant debut. All the more astonishing that the youngsters appeared very sympathetic during their performance. A band that seemed to reckon that more people illegally downloaded their LP instead of buying it. Really. As already said, the only thing to criticise was the sound or rather the lack of guitars. Nevertheless, the main stage turned into a huge dancefloor, not for the last time for this year’s FFYS.

Sorry in advance for all the bands we couldn’t see during this great weekend. We’re sure there were some great performances that we’ve missed.

Read about day 2 tomorrow, and be prepared for way more metal!


El Gore’s competition, and the winner is…

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Many thanks to all your contributions! It was hard in many ways to decide a winner, but we finally managed to do a vote and select the best of the best.

And the winner is…

“Tempi di guerra”, as this masterpiece is known in Italian, was written and directed by Umberto Lenzi in 1987. Lenzi can be labled as the inventor of the cannibal movie genre and is probably best known for the cult flicks “Il paese del sesso selvaggio” and “Cannibal Ferox”. I think that “Tempi di guerra” is a well chosen winner and I am really looking forward to reviewing it. -Luc-

Congratulations to Panzerfaust! Please send us your contact details to!

El Gore’s competition!!!

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Even Diego is excited as hell! To celebrate El Gore’s 5000th visitor, we’d like to invite you to our anniversary contest!

Here is the deal: Post a movie we have to see and get the chance to win a nice little present!

Stuff we like to read/see:

  • “weird” and/or “strange” titles
  • Japanese/North Korean/Scandinavian movies. Trash or alternative, independent stuff (if you made a movie, submit that one!)
  • Make us suffer

Stuff we don’t like to read/see:

  • Modern Hollywood stuff (please no sawesque shit movies)
  • Snuff or any other illegal perverse shit!

El Gore choses 1 winner and  reviews the movie.

Start: Now

End: 21st April 2012

Submit us your suggestion (2 titles/person) via comment, mail (elgore1(at) twitter or Facebook.

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Dirty Crows Studio Update II

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Here you have the last part of the studio diary from our beloved Dirty Crows. Enjoy!

Tuesday: Recorded the bass, edited the drums, which took lots of time. Not a very productive day, did a bit percussion afterwards. Marc caught a cold, so we’re a little worried about his voice because there’s still lots of vocals to record. Mauro’s girlfriend Liz brought him something from the drug store, we bought him a Playboy magazine. Let’s see what helps more (no comment. -elgore-). We made a little video greeting message for our friends from Angel at my Table for their release on Saturday.

Wednesday: Bass recordings, drum edits, only cold water in the shower (use the Playboy! -elgore-), but hey, that’s rock’n’roll! Had a cool evening with our studio neighbour, a dude who records an album on his own.

Thursday: Bass recordings (are you Death From god damn Above 1979 or what? -elgore-). Played the Fender Jaguar over the bass amp plus octaver. Recorded Marc’s guitar and his vocals and then again drum editing. Felix from The Lost Ways passed by, very cool guy, lots of music talk and had a beer together. A whole case to be honest (yep, we can imagine! -elgore-). Started talking French only so that Jan was thinking that we’re drunk, but we weren’t (mmh mmh -elgore-). Daniel did some background recordings until 2am.

Friday: Bass recordings (oh really?! -elgore-), only one song left for Mauro. I (Phillip) recorded some hard and crazy guitar sounds and Marc did his guitar and vocals. Daniel did some backround vocals again and then we worked on a special feature (will be a surprise for you) until 5am. The Lost Ways were here today, we had lunch together and talked about potential concerts for the summer. Stay tuned!

Saturday: Finished the bass (hallelujah! -elgore-) guitars, percussion and background vocals. Recorded two new features (another surprise) and also recorded an organ. Marc’s voice still causes worries.

Sunday: Back home again! Thanks for reading and stay tuned! And thanks to Liz for her excellent cooking!

Check out part one.

Dirty Crows Studio Update I

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Yesterday we received the first sign of life from our buddies from Dirty Crows right out of the studio in Bavaria. Seems to be a huge productive mess. Check out what Philippe wrote us:

Saturday: Meeting at half past one in the afternoon, packed our stuff together and headed for Germany. No problems on the road, left the motorway after 450 km. After passing a creepy village we decided to stop at a gas station to grab some beer for the evening (would have had that idea way earlier! -elgore-). After having unloaded our stuff, Jan went for a sleep and we went for a Nintendo 64 session and a few beers inside the studio. Daniel went to bed quite early but we wouldn’t let him sleep. Sleeping-time at 4 am.

Sunday: Got up way to early, Daniel didn’t sleep very well because I was snoring like a motherfucking bear. I myself didn’t find it that dramatic. Like a good toilet, Daniel was the first to get pissed, because the drum recording was first on the list. Time to relax for us after the short night. But we recorded some background/alternative percussion (more cowbell! -elgore-).

Monday: Started recording the bass ( what about the night?! -elgore-) Quote from Jan: “Haven’t heard such a pussy-shit for a long time!” Recorded three songs and discussed a lot about them. We kicked the last part of Got no Chance and decided to use it as the intro for the album ( if they won’t change everything again and again and again…. -elgore-).

Later Marc decided to record his guitar and in the night it was my turn. During that session Jan hit my guitar to create some crazy sounds ( Jan, coffee overdose again? -elgore-). Everything already sounds pretty awesome. Quote number 2 from Jan: “Dirty Crows sound like Marilyn Manson playing Led Zeppelin songs on a LSD trip!” (whatever that means. -elgore-)

Fleshy greetings from Rotenburg, ehrm sorry, Röttenbach!

El Gore is really looking forward to checking out their new stuff. Hope to see you guys soon and have a rocking time.

For more information about Dirty Crows, check out our pre-recording reports (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) and our live EP review.


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Dear Gores and Gorettes,

due to organisational reasons and in order to make our blog more sorted, we’d like to let you know that from now on you will find one of our very attractive and well researched reviews every Wednesday.

Furthermore we are preparing a little surprise category for the Mondays. In addition, or rather as usual,  stay tuned for all kind of random stuff as soon as we find something that we consider being interesting.

Thank you all for following!

Dirty Crows Album Pre-Production Day 5 and 6

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The pre-recording session is over. Even though one could have had the feeling that now and then it seemed quite probable that one of the guys would become insane, I think everyone will miss this great week.

The last two days were a little shorter because Jan had other obligations. Pre-recording the last two songs turned out to be pretty difficult, especially because the guys were having trouble to find a better chorus for Got No Chance Against Rock’n’Roll. Everyone’s quite confident that it will turn out all right in the end though. Time was short, but there are still over two months left until the final recordings will take place in the Ghost City Studios in Germany.

The band now has three important tasks before entering the studio: first, clean up the mess that was left in the Fiction, secondly, undergo caffeine withdrawal, and last but not least, work on the remaining songs and rehearse the other ones ad nauseam.

At the end of the day, one must say that Dirty Crows now have a newer, deeper sound, which is more desert than ever before. The guys learned a lot in only six days and they are very thankful to Jan for the chance he gives them.

Dirty Crows Album Pre-Production Day 4

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“Don’t think, PLAY!“ Is for sure the most used, NOT overused, sentence in the “Fiction tent”. I really like this approach and after a few initial difficulties it is also the band who tries to change their attitude into a less forced one. Playing by what you feel and not what by what you have (strictly) defined. It is all about feeling the music.

The band is still aroused by an inspirational atmosphere and they already have re-created 6 songs. The result is stunning and I especially dig Daniel’s “new” style of hitting that bitch of a drum kit.

The eating was great again. Thanks to Liz and to the guys for the leftövers ;).  After the delicious “Gromprenzaloot”, Cés and Ben from Inborn paid a visit to the Laduno and had a beer with us.

The band just as ElGore are really going to miss these inspiring, enjoyable and funny times in the Fiction.

ps: Jan just thinks too much instead of just playing Smack Down 2, that’s why he lost his match against Marc!