10 Silly German Movie Title Translations

Seeing as the month of November has been somewhat stressful so far for us movie people, we’ve been sticking to top lists for a majority of the month and today won’t be an exception. For this Film Friday, we decided to compile a list with films which have ridiculous German translations. From unnecessary racial slurs […]

5 Classic Horror Films That Took Us A While To Catch Up On

If you’re into cinema, you’re probably familiar with the phenomenon. There always seem to be a few classics that slip through the cracks and sit festering on our to-watch lists for years. Sadly, it’s well-nigh impossible to watch every significant movie ever made, but we film reviewers at El Gore want to try, and we’d […]

5 Mini Reviews of Fucked-Up Francophone Films

I’ve been delving into the world of French language horror/extreme cinema lately (not least because I want to improve my French), and as the movies are piling up, I decided to deviate from the usual Film Friday format and compile a list with 5 of my most recently watched flicks. I hope you’ll find one […]

Anna’s Top 5 Albums for Autumn

Reviewing music is not my job around here, nor my forte in general, but today I want to write about records regardless. With all due respect to the aficionados, I’m getting a little fed up with all the post-hardcore/metalcore, and since I feel that my taste differs pretty substantially from the others, I figured I’d […]

Summer Break

After providing you, our beloved readers, with reviews for 31 weeks non-stop this year, we decided it’s time to take a little summer break! This means that all activity on the site will be down until the 2nd of September where we will resume in our usual rhythm! Until then: stay safe, enjoy the weather, […]

Top 3 Movie Mashups

Sometimes when the power’s out and I’m bored I think about what interesting movie combinations there could be if people had a fucked-up mind like I do. Big thanks to Yannick and Laurent for helping me with this post. Enjoy! 1. Schindler’s List & Space Jam Due to “unknown” circumstances a large community of people […]

Rock de Stéier 2013 Concert Review

Last Saturday was an occasion for celebration in Tuntange: the 10th anniversary of the famous Rock De Stéier. This local concert has its origins in 2003 and was an annual gathering of local bands until 2006 when it went on an indefinite hiatus. The Club des Jeunes Tuntange decided to call the idea back to […]