The Jacob Conspiracy and Dirty Crows live @ Rockbox (Rives de Clausen)

As you have noticed, this week is going to be dedicated mainly to the album pre-production of our sweethearts, Dirty Crows. So, to keep the point, here you have a little report about their last live performance. Friday night, Rockbox, live music. Could you ask for more? The menu tonight: Dirty Crows followed by The […]


During El Gore’s trip to Finland (2011) We wish you a very nice weekend and a lot of fun. For those who live around or in Luxembourg, there is a really cool rock and roll gig (with The Jacob Conspiracy and Dirty Crows) in Clausen/Luxembourg City tonight. El Gore will be there, so if you […]

Save The Chapel

This is a very important issue for me. I just read on Cinemassacre’s homepage that the chapel from the classic zombie movie Night of the Living Dead (1968) is in danger. Gary Streiner, who lives in Evans City and was the sound engineer for the film, started a campaign (Save the Chapel) to save one […]